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Wholesale Made in USA

Designed with purpose and sustainability in mind

Why Made in USA Wholesale from Sewing Incubator?

2020 has turned the traditional retail model into an existential challenge
Since 2008 we have been focused on helping emerging “direct to consumer” brands succeed by removing unnecessary steps to procurement that impact profit margins

The main advantage of Sewing Incubator Products is that our sustainable process makes use of every resource available at our factory to come up with the most efficient way to produce a high quality product available in limited runs

What is available for wholesale?

Sewing Incubator is in a unique position to help clients choose the best combination of software and hardware to fuel their growth. There are many CAD/CAM options to choose from, but we have only endorse and distribute products are part of our set up and have proven to offer excellent return on investment


Tops & Shirts
Shorts & Trousers
Hoodies & Jackets
Specialty Apparel


Tops & Shirts
Shorts & Trousers
Hoodies & Jackets
Dresses & Skirts
Specialty Apparel


Isolation Gowns
Reusable Items

How does wholesale work?

These are the main differences between the products you get from our accelerator programs vs wholesale products


Design decisions made by SI
Sizing decisions made by SI
Development & Manufacture paid by SI
Available stock levels determined by SI
SI reserves right to sell products to any brand it chooses
Price per unit includes all materials
Minimum purchase is $500 per style (depending on available stock)
Turn around is 1-4 weeks
Requires valid resale number certificate
Payment terms Pro-Forma
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Product Accelerator

Design decisions made by Brand
Sizing decisions made by Brand
Development & Manufacture paid by Brand
Available stock levels managed by Brand
Brand owns product exclusive rights of sale or distribution
Price per unit only includes labor
Minimum Production is $3000 for one style (or $2000 to run 2+ styles)
Turn around is 3-8 weeks
Doesn’t require resale number certificate
Some businesses may qualify for payment terms through Paypal or Behalf
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