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Designed to accelerate the growth of specialty product brands and CAD industry professionals

What's in Accelerator Toolboxes?

Accelerator Toolboxes include all the digital tools, training and support systems that you'll need to learn at your own pace and come with a results guarantee
Weekly video guidance meetings at our exclusive Facebook group keep you on track while you also get to meet your piers

Product Toolbox

Product brands are often founded by entrepreneurs who don’t have a development or manufacture background and this toolbox was designed to fill the gaps

Product Toolbox is for brands or entrepreneurs who are new to product development and ready to end up with a consumer product ready to sell upon completion of 3 modules

How many college or online courses guarantee that you’ll end up with a consumer product ready to sell when you complete all the modules of the course?


Strategy plan kit specifically for your product category and business model
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Designed for direct to consumer brands developing sewn products
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Designed for direct to consumer brands developing and manufacturing sewn products
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Pro CAD Toolbox

Many industry professionals have not considered upgrading their CAD skill set based on misinformation about the benefits and costs of making the transition

Pro CAD Toolbox is for Pattern Makers, Graders or Marker Drafters ready to combine user friendly CAD tools and accelerated training updated for the 21st century

This toolbox was designed by professionals for professionals to make the transition smooth and affordable

Pro CAD Pattern

Designed for professionals transitioning from manual paper drafting to CAD or those looking for a user friendly Tool Set
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Pro CAD Grading

For pattern graders looking for an affordable CAD that they can learn in days without taking up too much time
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Pro CAD Marker

If you are still figuring out fabric yields by hand or putting off upgrading to easy marker layouts this Tool Set is for you
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DIY Learning Resources

Books that will help you learn about Materials, Technical Design or Pattern Making
Technical Design Tools to get you started with being able to "show" what you're thinking
Pattern Making Tools to develop your manual pattern making skills "hands on"
Business Links a growing list of useful links full for resources to get you started on setting up a business
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