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Pre Production

This is the last stage to fix inefficiencies before launching production manufacture

What is Pre Production?

In addition to Marking and Grading, Production order volume is finalized at this stage along with material quantity and prices.

We follow 3 steps to ensure that every product we manufacture meets the same performance and quality standards as the sample approved

For apparel products, additional sizes required will be incorporated at this stage

Our Pre Production Process


The process of adding different sizes to your base size pattern
Size Range Define what sizes will be available in addition to base size
Grading Rules Establish differences between sizes
Grading Apply grading rules to each piece of a base size pattern


All pieces of every size are laid out to get the lowest fabric consumption
Size Ratios How many units per size
Marker Create layout of all pattern pieces of each size being produced
Efficiency Indicates the percentage of fabric a marker layout is utilizing when all the pieces are laid out to cut


Material and labor costs are optimized before launching production to avoid costly mistakes
Allocations Count of materials required to produce order
Management Warehouse production material deliveries
Scheduling Designate production window for orders ready to produce

Production Estimates

Every step of the development process represents a variable that will influence project estimates and for this reason we offer two types of estimates

Online Service Calculator

To get the most accurate estimates online, the following information about each style should be readily available:
Assess the number of one on one consultation hours you’ll need to complete pattern making service
CAD Pattern
Number of pattern pieces per style based on reference sample and Technical Design Specifications
CAD Grading
Number of pattern pieces per style X number of sizes
Fabric Yield
Number of total pattern pieces to be cut per style and fabric

Pre-Production Estimates

Pre Production Estimates are available for products that have development completed by Sewing Incubator:
Approved Production Sample(s)
Labelled with style number for each style you’ll be requesting manufacture estimates
CAD Pattern
Base size pattern in Pad System V5 or newer format
Grading Specification
Specification showing how additional sizes will differ from base size
Marker Ratios
Show how many units per size and color will be produced
Completed Form
Pre-Production Estimate Form

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