We’re ready to handle the global challenges affecting our industry today because we’ve been preparing for 20+ years

Why Team up with Sewing Incubator?

If you are here, it’s probably because you are looking for a team that you can count on to make your direct to consumer product a reality.

Many companies offer
product development and can manufacture good products, but very few can deliver consistent results to emerging influencers and established direct to consumer brands alike

What makes Sewing Incubator Different?


Your can always count on our support to navigate challenges, and while our “brutally honest” approach is not for everyone, we don't believe in "sugar coating" issues to sometimes avoid having difficult conversations

The knowledge we’ve gained from previous mistakes (we are human too!) gives you the advantage to overcome challenges that may arise regardless of how new to the industry you are

You are empowered to remain in control of your business as you learn what it takes to establish a solid product strategy

Built for the Digital Age

Sewing Incubator started as one of the first online CAD pattern service providers in the mid 90's with the specific purpose of working with some of the earliest direct to consumer brands selling online

We recognize many entrepreneurs who are new to product manufacture need tools and additional guidance that other companies may not be prepared to offer

Our strong digital foundation has evolved from e-commerce to collaborating with emerging influencers and may eventually lead us into the "metaverse"

Global Reach for Local Business

Innovative products may sometimes require global collaboration, which requires understanding the impact of local and international factors that may affect the success of your product brand.

Some members of our team have experience working with fortune 500 brands, while others prefer the intimacy of focusing on small businesses or emerging start up brands

We work with brands all over the world in English or Español from our offices in UK and headquarters in USA


Accessible technology is leveraged to help entrepreneurs manufacture and launch American products while navigating challenges unique to the 2020s

Continuous investment in technology has allowed us to digitize as many aspects of the process as possible

Our proprietary Project Dashboard gives you access to follow the process of every product developed or manufactured by Sewing Incubator, so you can focus on growing your business instead of managing email


Our close knit network of  material sources provide us with a level of flexibility to fulfill direct to consumer orders that other companies may find difficult to commit to

Keeping close relationships with local suppliers means we have reduced exposure to delays caused by global supply channels, because we focus on sourcing from in-stock options that are readily available

The Team

We are a team of professionals with diverse industry backgrounds sharing our collective decades of wisdom and experience with entrepreneurs all over the world

Chief Orchestrator

Rocio Evenett

Chief Negotiator

David Bishop

Resident Veteran

Marilou Calderon

Rocio Evenett

With 30+ years of experience working directly with startups and global leaders in 4 continents my approach is based on empowering entrepreneurs with educated options

I studied Fashion Design & Merchandising in USA and refined my tailoring skills at London College of Fashion
In the USA I worked Fortune 500 and direct to consumer brands while my European experience includes Perry Ellis Europe, Christian Dior, Zara, Mango, Puma, and many more!

My free time is spent reading and watching sci-fi with my husband of 22 years and our dog Taz

David Bishop

With 25+ years retail background I handle all financials and negotiations

I originally started with a B.A. in fine art, and after 15 years of growing a successful movie memorabilia restoration business, I got involved in the apparel business 25+ years ago and have been hooked since

In combination with a keen sense of colour, my analytical skills make me a pretty good mathematician

When Im not in the office, I’m enjoying vintage movie poster restoration and watching classic horror and sci-fi movies

Marilou Calderon

I'm the latest addition to the team with 9 years of US Army military service and a 10+ year background in Commercial Development Management

My experience managing complex projects is further enhanced with the opportunity to manufacture USA products where sustainability is part of the process (I have a B.S in Environmental Science + A.A. Interior Design)

I'm committed to continue supporting jobs in USA while facilitating Face masks to vulnerable communities, government entities and essential businesses

We've got answers to your questions!



Every step of the development process represents a variable that will influence project estimates and for this reason we offer different types of estimates
Whether you’re an brand ready to launch a made in USA product or an entrepreneur who is still exploring the idea of starting a business, costs can be anticipated depending on how ready you are to start the process

Online Service Estimator

Type of online estimate available (Click for Details):
Product Development
  • Consultation
  • Sourcing
  • Technical Design
  • CAD Pattern
  • Samples
Pre Production
  • CAD Pattern Adjustments
  • CAD Pattern Grading
  • CAD Marker
Manufacture Services NOT Available Online

1st Project Estimate

Type of 1st project toolbox available (Click for Details):
Product Toolbox Burst
Product Burst Toolbox was designed to offer a clear strategy with actionable steps to set a solid foundation for a new product launch
Product Toolbox Launch
Product Launch Toolbox will accelerate one product development and may be upgraded to include one sample prototype that will be used for marketing the launch of your product and get valuable consumer feedback.
Product Toolbox Lightspeed
Accelerate one product manufacture and upgrade to include USA Manufacture of your product for direct to consumer sales
1st Project Estimates are available for up to 3 products:
Product Development
  • Consultation
  • Sourcing
  • Technical Design
  • CAD Pattern
  • Samples
Pre Production
  • CAD Pattern Adjustments
  • CAD Pattern Grading
  • CAD Marker
Product Manufacture (CMT)
Manufacture Estimates are available AFTER Sewing Incubator has completed Development Project


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