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21st Century CAD CAM Technology meets traditional apparel manufacture

Technology Integration

Our technology partners are some of the most innovative companies in the world and we are proud of the results achieved over the last 20+ years integrating emerging technologies into our work flow

How does Technology Integration work?

Sewing Incubator is in a unique position to help clients choose the best combination of software and hardware to fuel their growth

There are many CAD/CAM options to choose from, but we only endorse and distribute products we have incorporated into our own workflow and have proven to offer excellent return on investment

Pad System

Since 1997 we have relied on PAD System for CAD Pattern drafting, grading and marker layout creation

3D Look

Groundbreaking 3D technology is how we describe the engine behind measurement capture


We got our first Velocity plotter 12 years ago and it simply hasn’t stopped working since!


FromTechnical Flat Sketches and Interactive PDF Forms to Social Media content...
All graphic files are created using Adobe products


Industry leaders in automated and high-precision labeling
Who can resist the allure of renown German engineering?


Our proprietary project dashboard was designed to help clients keep track of their projects while we also developed toolboxes to help emerging brands and industry professionals accelerate the growth of their business
Custom Clothing Manufacturer

Project Dashboard

Current Capabilities
Estimate Request
Estimate Management
Invoice Management
Project Management & File Delivery
Shipment Management
Coming Soon!
Style Number Management
Inventory Management
3d body size usa

CAD-3D Integration

3D Measurements We integrate digital 3D body scanning as part of Apparel Product Development
CAD Workflow Patterns are drafted and graded using CAD along with fabric yields and Markers as part of a Pre Production Project
Digital Integration Allocations are fully integrated with Bill of Materials for optimized costing
pattern making sewing

Accelerator Toolbox

Accelerate Product
Strategy Tools
Product Development Tools
Pre Production Tools
Online Training
One on one training
Technical support
Accelerate Pro CAD
CAD Pattern
CAD Grading
CAD Marker
Analog to Digital Migration
Technical support

Velocity Hardware

For many years, we have relied on Velocity products as part of our CAD-CAM set up and our partnership provides full integration with our Professional Toolbox


Convert paper pattern pieces into digital files

Wide Format Plotters

Vector One Head
Vector Two Heads
Vector Four Heads
Pattern Plotter Cutter
Flatbed Plotter

Conveyor Cutting System

CutPro X 1

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Development Estimate (Standard)

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Product Toolbox Accelerator

You are producing in USA for the 1st time and prefer access to exclusive member pricing
Items required to create estimates are ready to send to Sewing Incubator
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Pro CAD Toolbox Accelerator

You have industrial Pattern making, Grading or Marking experience looking for affordable CAD
Pro Toolbox Demo will show how your existing skills will be accelerated
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Velocity Hardware Los Angeles

You are a CAD Professional using Pro Toolbox or other compatible CAD Software
Hardware demonstrations include Digitizers, Plotters and Cutters
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