Melinda L. Los Angeles, CA via Yelp

"It was a pleasure working with Rocio at SI. She was personable and transparent about the process from the start.

Since I launched during the pandemic, there were obviously supply chain issues that were beyond our control--but she kept up communication and we got through it as best we could to meet a pre-holiday delivery.

If you're planning to start your own brand, I highly recommend talking to Sewing Incubator because they actually care about your vision. As a small business owner, I found this to be really valuable because we were aligned on delivering a high quality product. Rocio was extremely generous with her time and offered good feedback when tough decisions had to be made.
I wish I had found Rocio when I first started because the company I initially worked with (Indie Source) just wasted my time and resources. That's a much different review for another day!

Moral of the story: Do your research and don't choose a company based off of a fancy logo and fake reviews. Instead, make a smart decision and call Sewing Incubator.

Kimaya T.
Saint Louis, MO via Yelp

“I am a small start up small business Sewing Incubator saw my potential. Though I appreciate that in itself, I appreciate their honesty and transparency to what is necessary, feasible, etc and their sincerity. I truly felt that my ideas were heard and embraced. In addition, the knowledge that was provided to me within the first meeting was invaluable. If I obtained that much in a couple of hours I can only imagine what's to come throughout this process. In doing research of various businesses around I am grateful to have found SI and I look forward to future business with them."

Brittany G.Los Angeles, CA via Yelp

“Words cannot express how much I appreciate Rocio and her team for helping my vision come true for my business! I took her my poorly made prototype (I can't sew lol) and she turned it into a wayyy better version! She is helpful and answers your questions as much as she can! My deep conditioning cap has been a success and look forward to continuing working with her.”

Louise Wallace

“As a Product Development and Merchandising instructor, I can attest to the exceptional experience that they offer. Bringing students for a factory tour provides a valuable real-life learning opportunity, and the team led by Rocio Evenett is truly passionate about their work. Their mix of experienced professionals across so many product categories is impressive. The services offered are comprehensive and cover every stage of production, from concept to completion. I highly recommend Sewing Incubator for anyone looking for a partner at any stage of the production process - they truly have a solution for every need.”

Karla M.Manhattan, New York, NY

“I went into production with UDS for my children's clothing line. I've spent so much time with them in very stress situations but they always help out and try to make it work at all costs. Rocio is the brains behind the magic and she has a good team working with her. They make patterns, samples and are able to source & do pre + post production.They sew right infront of you which has always been a dream- if you're "making in America", you want to see it happen!I would definitely suggest them!”

Patrick H. Los Angeles, CA via Yelp

Rocio and her crew are AWESOME. They really helped with getting my patterns and prototypes made in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, her knowledge of clothing manufacturing is extremely valuable and can help you avoid some serious issues in the future.”

Ashlyn M. Culver City, CA

“Before I met Rocio, I sat down with about 5 different pattern and sample makers. By the time I met her I had lost faith, but she was the only one who saw and believed in my vision. Once the process started, I was so nervous because I had never designed any projects before, but she helped me every single step of the way and her expertise showed with every single piece of advice she gave me. In the end, I'm so glad I listened to every opinion she had related to my garments, because the pieces came out way beyond my expectations! She absolutely saw my vision and they came out exactly as I saw them in my head when I drew the designs. I highly recommend Rocio and the whole team at Unlimited Design Services.”

Matt S. Huntington Beach, CA

“If you need custom manufactured clothing or goods, Unlimited is ABSOULTELY the best! Rocio is a master at this business. The work out of this facility is top notch and customer service with Rocio, Chris and David is second to none.Highly recommend UDS when you need stuff made!”

Sara W. Huntington Beach, CA

Rocio will tell it to you straight.  She doesn't over promise and informs you of possible obstacles and regulations.  Her meeting with me was invaluable.  She also responds in a timely manner.  Pleasure to work with..”

Shradhadevi V. San Francisco, CA

“Working with Rocio has been a pleasure. She is knowledgable and always open to discussing any questions or concerns we've had throughout the sample and production process. Appreciate their constant flexibility and transparency!”

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